Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

Naomi Klein über Trump

Rezepte für den Widerstand gegen Trump Von Catrin Stövesand Deutschlandfunk 28.7.17

Donald Trump sei eine logische Konsequenz aus den üblen Trends der vergangenen 50 Jahre, meint Naomi Klein. Die Journalistin erläutert in ihrem Buch "Gegen Trump", warum der Unternehmer US-Präsident werden konnte und wie man dessen eigene Strategien gegen ihn anwenden kann. Eine Kampfschrift für ein gerechteres System.
"The fact that Naomi Klein predicted the forces that explain the rise to power of Donald Trump gives her no pleasure at all. It is 17 years since Klein, then aged 30, published her first book, No Logo – a seductive rage against the branding of public life by globalising corporations – and made herself, in the words of the New Yorker, “the most visible and influential figure on the American left” almost overnight. She ended the book with what sounded then like “this crazy idea that you could become your own personal global brand”.
Speaking about that idea now, she can only laugh at her former innocence. No Logo was written before social media made personal branding second nature. Trump, she suggests in her new book, No Is Not Enough, exploited that phenomenon to become the first incarnation of president as a brand, doing to the US nation and to the planet what he had first practised on his big gold towers: plastering his name and everything it stands for all over them."

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