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Abschiebung heißt auf Englisch: deportation

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Im Englischen gibt es also offenbar kein Wort für Abschiebung als deportation und die schließt die deportation von Juden ein.

Wie gehen wir damit um, dass zwei Begriffe, die wir so deutlich unterscheiden, im Englischen offenbar so nahe beieinander liegen?

Natürlich ist es zumindest Amtsmissbrauch, wenn man illegal immigrants Ratschläge gibt, wie sie deportation vermeiden können:
A Democrat state lawmaker in Massachusetts has been caught tipping off illegals – many of whom are violent street gang members, child sex offenders and drug traffickers – to imminent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids Tuesday, even telling criminal targets not to open their doors, to stay silent, to refuse to sign anything and to “fight back” with an attorney.
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman suggested to WND that the lawmaker is “doing a disservice to the community” and “endangering public safety” with her statements.

Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois, a Democrat representing the 10th Plymouth District, warned illegals about imminent federal immigration raids scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in Brockton, a city just 25 miles outside of Boston. DuBois posted the warning on her Facebook page. She included a phone number illegal aliens may call if they’re caught in an immigration raid.

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