Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

Liefert Trump nicht ein funktionierendes Guantánamo aus (Don’t Let Trump Get the Keys to Guantánamo)

So lange ich es vermeiden kann, verwende ich kein Facebook. Deshalb vertraue ich darauf, dass Amnesty mich nicht wegen Urheberrechtsverletzung belangen wird, wenn ich Wort und Bild hier weitergebe statt bei Facebook:

This picture is worth a thousand words: The Statue of Liberty in chains, like a prisoner at Guantánamo.

It's a shocking symbol of the future we are fighting to prevent: Instead of closing, Guantánamo grows. This is a nightmare where justice and fairness—the best ideals of this country—are lost.

We can't let this happen. Help us send this urgent plea to President Obama: Don't Leave Guantánamo to President-elect Trump. Click here share this powerful image on Facebook.

President Obama has 28 days left to make good on a promise he made eight years ago: To shutter Guantánamo. There are still 59 people there, nearly all held without charge for more than a decade.

President-elect Trump has promised to "load [Guantánamo] up" 1with more people and "absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding." 2

We can't afford the risk that Trump could use Guantánamo for large-scale torture, or to threaten his critics.

Share this message on Facebook now.

This beautiful, haunting image — by artist Patryk Hardziej — is a reminder of what we stand to lose if President Obama hands Guantánamo to President-elect Trump. Words cannot capture what's at stake right now, but this image does.

Click here to help us spread this image and reach President Obama with this urgent plea: Act now to close Guantánamo, before it is too late.

Naureen Shah
Director, Security with Human Rights
Amnesty International USA

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